“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”
Honore de Balzac

Welcome to the Rogue Trader Game “The Price of Stars” I look forward to starting this game and to a quick game of high adventure.

For this game we will be playing through the setting “Lure of the Expanse”71OeAyrJcTL._SY355_.jpg I am looking forward to a great game of high adventure and investments.

Requirements to play in this game
*The Rogue Traders Handbook or access to it.
*A Rogue trader character made and ran by me.
*Access to Google Plus hangout Or skype
*A roll20 account.
*2d10 dice or 1d100 dice

When you are creating your character some things I will require from you
*A name (preferably a name that is easy to say, as I will be expecting to call out your name)

*A brief backstory of how you came into the service of this rogue trader ship and the captain (are you a distant relative? were you hired or drafted to pay a debt? etc.) Use the intersection table in the book to help craft a story, it doesn’t have to be lengthy. But at least a sentence or two.

*The Rogue Trader Captain must give me two very short stories of one good job/investment and one bad job investment, something that people would recognize and gossip about.

*One cool idea for a ship name (the most important part of the whole game)

*If this was a movie which actor would play your character?

Your profit factor and your ship points
Rolled (5) “The Rogue Trader Dynasty is a fresh, new player on the galactic stage, garnering attention both fair and foul. You have a 40 profit factor and 50 ship points. We will use this for supplies and for building the ship.

Aggressive Investments